Healing from Stress of Terror Attack

What is Acute Stress Reactions

We have just been attacked. It doesn’t matter where you were, this attack affects all of us. After a terrorist attack, we talk of Acute Stress Reactions which is the name we give to a group of symptoms that people experience after a traumatic incident. Whether one was at Riverside or watched the news as the events unfolded on TV or followed the going ons on social media, all of us will to some extent experience the stress associated with terrorist attack. Its important to note that these reactions are normal reactions by normal people to abnormal events.


For those closest to the attackers, the terror and helplessness you experienced will cause more stress and this stress will change you. You may find you are unable to stop thinking about this incident or you keep getting intrusive thought which are quite disturbing. You may also find you want to avoid anything to do with what happened at riverside, and that may include people, watching the news or anything that may be associated with the incident. You may also be feeling as if you are walking in a dream, or as if your body is not yours or you are walking in a daze. Or even find it hard to sleep, hard to concentrate on daily activities, hard to control your feelings.

If you were not at riverside, but watched all this unfold either from the TV or social media, you may also develop these symptoms. Be on the lookout. This is especially if you knew someone who was directly affected or was at riverside during this incident. Also if you had visited this place in the past you may find yourself being slightly more affected.

What you can do

The most important thing to note is that if you have any of these signs, please seek help. Go to any hospital and ask for a counsellor and they will be able to direct you for further services.

In addition to this please talk to someone close to you, a relative a friend, etc. Tell them what you are feeling. And if possible ask them to accompany you to the hospital. Some of the symptoms above may feel strange or hard to express but just by talking about them you begin having control. Also please don’t stop your daily routine, wake up and do the things you are supposed to do. During this period, eat more fruits and vegetables and get some exercises.

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