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What is Marriage Coaching

Marriage Coaching is a preventative and maintenance approach that is effective for modern marriages. As coaching is both future-focused and goal-oriented, we at Life mentors work with couples to identify their goals for the marriage, consider their current situation, and identify what steps and actions they can take to get them closer to their goals. Coaching creates action and action creates change.

Why marriage coaching with us

Our goal at Life Mentors Ltd is to support married couples in making informed decisions about their marriages and the direction they want to take that marriage. Marital coaching with us will tend to be a solution oriented approach; which means working with couples to see what concrete steps the couple can take to reach their marital goals. At the core of our marital coaching sessions is to help couples assess their marriages with a greater degree of honesty, curiosity, empathy and compassion. We also offer tools that couples can use to improve their relational skills to meet their marital goals.

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Who is marriage coaching for?

Marriage is one the most wonderful, amazing, supportive, enjoyable, yet challenging, heart-wrenching relationship one can ever have. Learning how to build and maintain a satisfying marriage poses unique challenges and working with a marriage coach can help couples to navigate these life challenges. However marriage coaching will be especially helpful for

  • Couples who are consistently arguing about a specific issue
  • Couples who want to add more romance in their lives
  • Couples who are arguing often about many issues and do not know why
  • Couples who are feeling “nagged” or are nagging too much
  • Couples who need a safe place to vent and get perspective
  • Couples who have a joint goal that they want to achieve (building a retirement house)
  • Couples who have a joint goal or issue that is causing stress in the relationship (moving, getting pregnant, living apart, etc.)
  • Couples who have an individual goal or issue that is affecting the relationship (changing jobs, quitting, financial problems, problems with extended family, in-laws friends, etc.)
  • Couples who have just had new baby or have kids and this has had a change in the course of the relationship

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Who we are

Life Mentors Ltd is a provider of both preventive and curative mental health services including psychotherapy, counselling, coaching, rehabilitation educational and advocacy services. Our calling is to empower people with knowledge and skills to heal themselves and heal others (in a fun way). We hope to stop the transmission of pain by helping hurt people to heal and not hurt other people.

Meet your coach

Francis Kathambana –  Coach for winning couples

Francis is passionate about marriage and especially supporting couples to have happy productive and fulfilling marriages. Happy marriages ensure that the children in that union do not get affected by the internal “pains” and “issues” that the parents may have.

Francis is a marriage coach with a background in clinical psychology. He has over 20 years’ experience providing psychotherapy and working with couples.

In his free time Francis likes reading, hiking (climbing hills and mountains), keeping fit and playing board games with his wife and children.

Francis Kathambana Marriage Coach

Feedback & Reviews

 I have been married for a while and we’ve had a happy-ish marriage. But going through Commit Touch Forgive has given us a new way to think about how we work together. The sessions on vision were particularly insightful for us.


For me its made the marriage much more intentional. There are those small things that tend to fall on the side or we tend to ignore; now we have a way of ensuring that nothing fall to the side.


Mr Peter  “Sometimes as a man, we tend to think women are very demanding and want too many things to be happy. I was surprised to know that its not the case and also its not that hard. After the first session I felt clearer about my role as a partner and how to make her happier.”

Mrs Peter “The changes started on the very next day. Am still smiling…”

Mr and Mrs Peter N.

Married for 15 years.

Its time to invest in your marriage. Let us help you.