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Our Courses

Great Marriages take work. Each partner can learn the relational skills needed to have a great marriage. Our courses address these relational skills, and making them applicable to all couples

Marriage Performance Review

Marriage Performance Review Class

Here’s a proven system to effortlessly get to know all your spouse’s needs and the best way to meet them. You will also learn how exactly to meet them in a way that is unique to them so you can easily start having the happy, stress free, trusting and fulfilling relationship you’ve always wanted.

Commit Touch Forgive a Program for Married Couples

Commit Touch Forgive

In this 7 session coaching program couples revisit, the their marriage vision, work on the 6 pillars of marriage, develop ways to minimize causing each other pain and frustrations, understand the male and female brain in marriage, work on their communications skills and learn how to continuously forgive each other.

Team Building for couples

Couples team building

Our Couple Team Building sessions are based on the same approaches practiced by corporate organizations to build high performing teams. We promise to give you an unforgettable day, where you will learn new and fun ways to reconnect with your partner! Also included is touch as a way of getting the couples closer.

Our Services

Our services are directed at reducing discord in marriages , and supporting the marriage to be happy, fulfilling and productive



Couples Therapy

I know the misery those that live in unhappy marriages endure. I know how lonely it can be to be in a loveless marriage. You are in a hard place and feel there is no way out, or maybe that there is only one way out. I know there are other options, and that is why our doors are always open to you.

Its time to invest in your marriage. Let us help you