Commit Touch Forgive Program

A program for couples who want a happy fulfilling and productive marriage

Commit Touch Forgive a Program for Married Couples
Commit Touch Forgive a Program for Married Couples

Who is Commit Touch Forgive For?

This (couples coaching) program is specifically designed for married couples who wish that marriage was easier and/or less painful and who

  • Yearn for more out of their marriage
  • Are tired of constantly fighting over little things
  • Would like to have a stress-free, trusting and fulfilling relationship

Most importantly, it is perfect for you if

  • You work well together as a couple and want to improve your relationship
  • Want to grow closer together with age (empty nest) and enjoy time together
  • Wish to avoid any rifts in your marriage due to work and/or children
  • Desire to enhance your intimacy and reconnect sexually with your partner

The promise:-

By attending Commit Touch Forgive you will

  • Firstly you will get clarity on the kind marriage that both of you want
  • Then you will become focused on the things that matter in your marriage by getting a road map and negotiating accountability with your partner
  • Get started by practicing how to be the model spouse
  • Learn how to turn on the love juices in your partner
  • Work through the stages of marriage and how to navigate these without hurting your spouse
  • Learn how to communicate so that the two of you feel deeply appreciated and seen
  • Develop a culture of forgiveness in the home
  • Ultimately you will join a community of like-minded couples who want to thrive in their marriages , sharing successes and encouraging each other

The formula

You will have private couple sessions for personal attention with step by step coaching. In addition,will also get simplified strategies, accountability, ongoing support and one to one counselling sessions for either individual should there be need.


  1. Clarity of vision, getting it right from the start about the marriage you want. Develop a couple’s mission and vision statement. It’s about agreeing on the marriage each partner wants and clarifying the direction.
  2. 6 pillars of a thriving marriage and set goals on these pillars. Address expectations in marriage, developing a framework of your marriage and coming up with an action plan around the key areas of this framework.
  3. How to be a model partner to your spouse by Reducing “relational” risks in your marriage; affair proofing your marriage; ensuring no breakdown of the marriage by meeting each other’s needs
  4. Love chemicals, how to turn on your partners’ love juices by learning about love chemicals involved in “falling in love” and how to influence them in your marriage. Discuss the male and female brains and cycles/stages in marriage.
  5. Touch couple stretching, couple massage, fun activities for couples
  6. Intentional communication; Appreciate how clear communication improves marriage, How to fight fair, Conflict resolution, Remove the guessing game in communication, Giving and receiving feedback
  7. Forgive; importance of forgiveness and how to forgive. Discuss importance of forgiveness and letting go in marriage. Forgiveness is not tolerating because weak people do not forgive


  • The program runs for 90 days


Return on investment

A happy, fulfilling and productive marriage. Further more you will get a deep sense of connection with your spouse. Break through on old issues and start afresh. Communicate more easily and in ways that honor each of you and that bring you close.  Consequently better and more fulfilling sex. Stronger friendship and companionship that comes from knowing you are allies on the same team.

Cost of In – Action

Continued sense of resentment, frustration, anger, discouragement because of the things that your spouse does or doesn’t do. Probably avoiding topics like sex and money. Certainly you will continue having dull, boring and infrequent sex. Keep keeping score of who did more and who’s to blame and getting caught up in power struggles.  Above all continue to have lack of trust and suspicion around finances and constantly fear that your partner may cheat on you, etc.

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